For establishing Community and private Radio Stations, Media Ghana provides entire range of consultancy services starting from the initial stage of helping in the filling the application to the completion of the project to the full satisfaction of the clients. Broadly the services to be provided by Media Ghana are as follows:
  1. Services during project conceptualization:
  1. Preparation of conceptual project report covering the preliminary design of the Project.
  2. Finalisation of equipment complement and Drawing of specifications.
       B    Services during project Implementation:


  1. Selection of site / building & making it suitable for the project.
  2. SACFA clearance
  3. Procurement of equipment including drawing of specification of
    • Transmitter equipment
    • Speech input equipment
    • Antenna
    • Tower
    • Feeder cable
    • Studio equipment
    • Power supply equipment
    • Ventilation equipment
  4. Installation of various studio and transmitter equipment.
  5. Testing, Integration and Commissioning.
  6. Handling over and advice on maintenance.
  7. Training of staff

For Operation & Maintenance of Broadcast systems Media Ghana provides


  • Operation of entire station equipment.
  • Maintenance of all the equipment of station.
  • Carrying out daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance of the broadcast / station equipment.
  • Carrying out periodical performance measurements equipment.
  • Preparation and submission of necessary reports.
  • To give AMC to the suppliers.
  • Inventory Management of spares.
  • Overall supervision of activities in the station / premises.