Media Ghana provides a wide range of networking services. Whether you are a home user or a large organization we can help you. We can provide and install the hardware & software to make your computers work together seamlessly and allow you to work more efficiently. We can set up a home networking solution that links your computers to the internet and each other securely. We can set up entire corporate networks with file sharing, mail services,

Domain security and internet access all with professionally installed cable runs. And we can provide secure remote access through VPN technology.

We do consulting and planning for network installations and upgrades. We can identify and install the hardware (servers, workstations, cabling, routers, and switches) you need for optimal network utilization. Operating system support is provided for Windows, Novell, Linux and MacOS networks.

We provide security for your network with security software and/or security appliances and VPN routers.

We build servers and workstations that are matched to your requirements. We can also provide high-availability servers with hot-swappable RAID storage and redundant power supplies for the most exacting situations.

We configure network services such as file sharing, mail, network printing, internet access as well as internet related services such as web browsing, FTP, DNS, virtual private networking and firewalling. We can convert your peer to peer network to a domain based network linking multiple networks into one infrastructure. This provides you with easier management and better network security.

We can troubleshoot network problems caused by hardware and software. We can test your cables for faults and test for problems relating to a bad NIC, switch or router. We can check your computers to ensure that they meet the requirements for your network.


Is your computer old and slow? Running out of hard drive space? We can upgrade that tired old computer with additional RAM or a larger hard drive. Why not bring it into us to have a look at it.

Fully Managed IT Projects

Media Ghana’s dedicated and experienced project team can help your business with larger projects of any size that require both onsite and remote support and configuration and range from anywhere between 2 weeks and 6 months in duration. Media Ghana is the premier resource to help your business with:

Server upgrades, implementations and data migrations, network, firewall, and switching upgrades and implementations


VOIP (Voice over IP): With this technology you won’t need to spend much on acquiring telephone lines for your intercom communication. With your existing network we could implement VOIP so that need to have additional telephone cables running here and there with extra charges for usage and maintenance

Video Conferencing

IP video conferencing integrates audio, video, and interactive collaboration tools to create a meeting experience in which globally dispersed participants feel as if they're in the same room. We develop IP video conferencing call control/transport service for the campus community and as well as companies.

We work closely with local network administrators to support, monitor, and optimize network performance while maximizing network security and availability.


For academic and administrative departments that adopt the Net-to-Switch model, Media Ghana provides highly reliable network equipment and centralized, expert monitoring and support at a cost-effective price. While Media Ghana is responsible for everything from infrastructure planning to quick-response troubleshooting, the department’s Local Network

 Administrator (LNA) maintains control of active port patching in the network closet.


VPN (Virtual Private Network)

 This is a Network setup to assist you connect remotely from any available network connection almost anywhere in the world: including from home, from many hotels, and even from within same company networks.

 Point to Point

 No matter the size of your company, our point to point networks allow your employees at different locations to share information and other business applications through secured circuits.


 Controlling and reducing costs

  •  With all your employees on one network, you know exactly what’s being spent.
  •  There aren’t any surprise or additional inter network connection costs.

 Quality of service

 Enjoy our secure, reliable network coverage.

 Customer service

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will promptly address any problems or issues you have with this service.

 Help & Training