At Media Ghana, we strive to provide complete integrated microfinance solutions and we adhere to a stringent process to achieve customer satisfaction.

When you purchase a solution MSOFT –Micro Banking Software, we can add any additional functionality and reporting capability.

We can even integrate our solution with other software applications. Whether your needs are for a single user application or an enterprise application, Media Ghana  has the resources to get the job done - on time!

We develop both web-based and Windows-based applications that include network support, context-sensitive help, security, printer support, remote connectivity, and referential data integrity.

This proposal seeks to introduce the features and capabilities of USOFT –Micro Banking Software.


    Client’s Personal Details and Picture

    Client’s Guarantor Details

    Savings Accounts

    Produces statement of account

    Mass Data entry to save time

    Dynamic interest calculation on savings accounts

    Susu Accounts

    Transfer of funds between Susu ,savings and loan accounts

    Ability to place memo on accounts

    Loans Accounts

    Managing of group loans

    Reducing balance and straight line methods of loan interest calculation

    Ability to place standing  order on accounts

    Loan repayment

    Automatic generation of loan contract forms and repayment schedule

    Monitoring and Tracking of post dated cheques

    Monitors Field Officers and their cliental contributions

    Track Loan Defaulters and repeat clients

    Automatic and Manual Charge of Defaulted Penalty

    Report by users

    Branch mobilizations and loan repayment reports

    Timely Expected Payments  and loan aging reports

    Generates strategic business intelligence reports for decision making and product innovation

    Ability to export report into excel

    Allows market segmentation of clients (Operational Area)

    Investors Details

    Investment Portfolio

    User Access control

    Audit tray

    Could run on a Wide/Local Area network

    General Ledger and Cashbook

    Timely Financial Statement (Trial balance, Income Statement and balance sheet)


NB: The software can be customize to meet client specific operation