To undertake effective management of employee payroll data, information about employees are needed. This information is mainly about employee personal data, salary data, loans data etc.

The mere availability of information is not sufficient; how it is stored and the ease and speed with which it can be retrieved for decision making are equally important. This would require the introduction of software designed to help effectively process and manage information about transaction relating to employees.

This proposal seeks to introduce the features and capabilities of a custom designed PAYROLL SYSTEM that provides a database of all attributes of transactions and readily provide vital and up to date information for decision making. The software also provides interface to handle the day to day human resources activities by staff.


  • Maintains employees’ allowances, deductions,  salary and personal information
  • Maintains employees’ daily wages and overtime rate.
  • Maintains employees’ loans accounts and loan deductions history
  • Maintains employees’ provident fund account and contribution history
  • Maintains employees’ staff dues/welfare contribution account
  • Maintains employees’ insurance policy commitments for the purpose of monthly deduction
  • Generate monthly payroll register on a click of a button
  • Automatic income tax  computation
  • Allows multi currency

Reports generated by the software are as follows

  • Monthly payroll register.
  • Monthly PAYE  report
  • Monthly SSNIT report
  • Loan deductions report for the month
  • Monthly staff dues deduction  report
  • Provident fund contribution for the month
  • Credit purchases deductions for the month
  • Insurance premium deduction for the month in respect of each insurance company.
  • Net salary list for the month
  • Cash payment report for the month
  • Cheque payment report for the month
  • Bank deposit report for the month
  • Signature list 

HR Feartures

  • Staff profile
  • Leave management
  • Staff training information
  • Prospective applicant information for future reference
  • Work permit history and prompts for foreign staff. 


Each user of the system would have to obtain a password before he/she can log onto the system.

The password is tied to user rights in the system which ensures that users can do just what they have been granted permission to do and not otherwise. Data storage is secured as the software runs on SQL SERVER (Structured query language) which ensures an automatic back up facility in case of data loss.

Support and maintenance

We in Media Ghana do pride ourselves to User-Support as we ensure that our clients get the planned utility value of the software and quick return on investment; and thus feel confident to recommend us to other potential client. It is the most effective medium for customer feed back and also gives the client the accessibility to prompt technical and operational support personnel.Support Consultants will respond to any request that is made, to repair, support, perform or solve any problems that your operational staff may face.