Msoft Church Software is a Church Membership Database coupled with an accounting module for financial reports in the Church. Following the need for the Church to record and organize data about members for quick retrieval and a more reliable and informative basis for decision making.  The system has been designed to capture data that will enhance the communication machinery of the Church and bring members to have a sense of belongingness in the Church.


The software provides interface and database to capture, maintain and track the following:

Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Economic Status (Employed, Unemployed, Self-employed), Marital Status and Nationality.

Profession, Work place, Department, and Branch.

Family position, Blood group, Favorite food, Residential and postal address, office, home  cell number and email address.

Educational Information.

Talents, Abilities, Languages and Special Anniversary.

Committees and their Members.

God Parents or Church Mentor details.

Pledges against their projects and pledge deadline.

Projects and their income and expenditure statements.

Produce prompts on members birthday and special anniversary.

Bulk sms to members.

Financial Accounts (P&L, Income and Expenditure).


To give a more reliable informative data about members.

To increase the communication machines of the church.

For Revenue generation. How? Through advertisement.

Easy access to reports

Support and maintenance

Post implementation software support and maintenance is an important component in software development.  The Software will definitely undergo change once it is delivered to the client. There are many reasons for such a change. Change due to technical innovations or new user requirements. There will therefore be the need to have a support and maintenance plan agreement.